Other Local Forecasts
» ITV Westcountry Regional Weather Forecast
A 24 hour forecast with 3 day outlook and video forecast (you might have to search around the page a little to find the link.

» Teignmouth Forecast and BBC Spotlight Video Forecast + larger version
Video forecast for the south west concentrating on the next 24 hours plus a brief 4 day outlook. It's usually updated Mon - Fri only. Also the page contains forecast information for Teignmouth

»  Inshore Waters Forecast for Lyme Regis to Lands End and the Isles of Scilly
A 24 hour forecast with outlook to 2 days that is valid up to 12 miles offshore and is updated every 6 hours by Met Office forecasters. It also includes a description of the general weather situation for the UK

» Shipping Forecast for Portland and Plymouth sea areas
Includes any gale warnings and is updated every 6 hours by Met Office forecasters. An extended outlook a further 2 days ahead for Niton (that includes sea areas Portland & Plymouth) is updated at 1800 GMT

» South West England Air Pollution Forecast
Daily air quality forecast provided by DEFRA

The above links are just a brief glimpse of the vast array of UK weather information that is now available on the internet. Over the past 18 years I've gathered together one of the most comprehensive regularly updated weather links websites at www.greatweather.co.uk. For live weather data from other amateur weather stations across Devon try my Devon Weather Web Links page and for other local Teignmouth links try my About Teignmouth page.



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